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about me

the journey is as important as the outcome

Painter. Sculptor. Somatic Therapist. Energy Worker. Inversion Yoga Instructor. Dancer. Budding Herbalist



I am a mural and studio artist earning a BFA from the Corcoran College of Art and Design as well as a Certified Massage Therapist and Spa Technician, Yoga Trapeze Instructor, and Certified Reiki III practitioner.

A creative and intuitive approach as a visual artist has lent a hand to my work as a somatic healing practitioner.


My foundation in figurative clay sculpture and painting illustrates the long standing interest I have always had in the human form.


Manual techniques are used to access and respond to muscular imbalance as are applied when shaping clay.

I thrive in settings where I am able to hold space and work with clients to meet their needs whether it's a public or community mural project, a private art commission or in my healing studio.


As a visual artist I have honed a special skill set to help patrons seeking one of a kind commissioned work, where I guide the brainstorming process in a way that fosters personal ownership and learned understanding of the artists process. It is my firm belief that there is no scarcity in creative sparks and I look to light that flame where ever I go. 


herbal medicine


Please inquire within on what I may currently have brewing for skin and body health.


I love tending to the soil and growing herbs, flowers, and fruit for medicine. I find great joy in baring witness to the full cycle of life as it unfolds in my garden and kitchen.


One of my first profound experiences with an herb was comfrey, a hearty soil replenisher with a deep tap root and shooting up, Jupiterian clusters of flowers that hang like bells and that the bumble bees adore. It's a hearty fertilizer and used for composting as well as a bone regeneration.

It's nickname is 'bone-knit' and it does just that, as I used it to speed up the healing of a compound non-union leg fracture. A second surgery was no longer needed thanks, in part to comfrey (and a thoughtful Ayurvedic diet to promote circulation to the extremities and cleanse the blood).


I make an infused oil from the leaves and flowers and use it topically in salves for ligaments, bone or tissue tearing, fractures and compressions.


I am a life student of herbal medicine and have been studying through Sajah Popham's course work on evolutionary herbalism among other numerous herbalists books I have collected.


I am currently expanding my knowledge base to include Ayurvedic and Herbal medicine and swear by Alberto Villilodo's Grow A New Body protocol to upgrade our DNA and turn off the cells that cause our most common modern day diseases.

Another of my simple pleasures is making beeswax candles. 


Lifted limbs massage & movement

There is nothing more empowering than the ability to find freedom from chronic discomfort, trauma, and physical limitations.

With the help of a knowledgeable and understanding somatic therapist, clients are able to bridge the gap between chronic pain, stress, injuries, and fear of movement, to finding tools within to let go of habitual tension, fatigue, and tight/lax muscles caused by injury or misalignment from repetitive use. 

Be guided through your body with muscular therapy modalities, reflexology, spa treatments, chakra balancing, and guided meditation.


Opt to begin your session with time in the studio's infrared sauna.

I am also excited to be one of the few certified yoga trapeze instructors in the area with a space to work with clients in a unique way that brings inversion therapy into the world of healing therapies.

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